Mystery Trivia Questions for 2013

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December 2013

This freelance writer (with a literary character-sounding name) is featured in a mystery series by Laura Levine.

Laura Levine has also written several "Christmas Novellas" with these two co-authors.

November 2013

This husband and wife writing team are the authors of a mystery series featuring Ella Clah. (Bonus question: Name one or more of their other series characters.)

What is Ella Clah's profession?

October 2013

Tasha Alexander writes a series of historical mysteries featuring this Victorian-era character.

She has also written a novelization of this motion picture screenplay featuring the "Protestant Queen".

September 2013

He took over writing the "Bourne" series of spy thrillers after the death of Robert Ludlum.

He is also the author of several series characters, with his most recent books featuring this special advisor to the President.

August 2013

Chris Ewan writes the "Good Thief" series of mysteries set in various cities around the world. Who is the "good thief"?

As of this date, there are five books in the series. Name the titular cities visited by the good thief.

July 2013

This author, like her series character, was with the Manhattan District Attorney's office and ran the Sex Crime Unit for many years.

What is her series character's name?

June 2013

The A&E series Longmire is based on a character by this mystery author.

What is the character's profession? (Bonus question: Who plays the character in the television series?)

May 2013

These two authors co-write crime novels under the pseudonym Nicci French.

Best known for a series of stand-alone thrillers, Nicci French began a new series in 2012 featuring this character. (Bonus question: What is her profession?)

April 2013

All of the titles in Katherine Hall Page's "Faith Fairchild" mysteries have something in common. What is it?

The debut mystery in this series was the winner of this award for Best First Novel. A later title also won this award for Best Novel. Name the award and the two award-winning titles.

March 2013

Denise Mina has written several series mysteries, with her most recent featuring this Glasgow Detective Superintentent.

In November 2012, Part 1 of her first graphic novel was published, an adaptation of this bestselling thriller.

February 2013

J. A. Jance has written mysteries featuring four different series characters. Name them.

Which two of these characters have appeared in cross-over novels?

January 2013

Amy Myers is the author of several mystery series. Her first featured this master chef working in the late Victorian and Edwardian periods.

Amy Myers also writes historical and suspense novels under this pen name.

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