Mystery Trivia Questions for 2010

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December 2010

Monica Ferris writes a series of "Needlecraft" mysteries featuring this shop owner.

What is the name of her needlecraft shop and where is it located?

November 2010

The "Murder with Recipes" mysteries by Isis Crawford feature sisters who own a catering business. Name them.

What is the name of their catering business? (Bonus question: Where is it located?)

October 2010

Jessica Fletcher co-authors her "Murder, She Wrote" novels with this writer.

As a (fictional) mystery writer herself, Jessica Fletcher uses the name "J. B. Fletcher" on her novels. What does the "B" stand for? (Bonus question: What is her maiden name?)

September 2010

Sue Henry features this dog sled racer in a mystery series set in Alaska.

The 8th book in the series, Dead North, introduced this character, for which the author developed another series.

August 2010

Cleo Coyle is the author of the Coffeehouse mysteries, set in New York City. What is the name of the coffeehouse? Bonus question: Who is the manager and head barista?

Cleo Coyle also writes mysteries set in Rhode Island featuring bookstore owner Penelope Thornton-McClure. What is the collective name given to this series? Bonus question: What word is common to all the titles?

July 2010

Lynda La Plante writes a mystery series featuring this Detective Inspector.

She is also the creator of the popular television series Prime Suspect, which starred this Academy Award-winning actress.

June 2010

This Southern Belle (and Mississippi private investigator) is featured in a series by Carolyn Haines.

What word is included in all of the titles of this series?

May 2010

Bill Crider teamed up with this Houston-based private investigator to write a series of mysteries.

What is the name of the PI featured in their series?

April 2010

Ann B. Ross includes her series character's name, Miss Julia, in each of her titles. What is Miss Julia's last name?

Where does Miss Julia live?

March 2010

The Trash and Treasures mysteries by Barbara Allan feature this series character.

Barbara Allan is a pseudonym for this husband and wife writing team.

February 2010

This author's political thriller, The Ghost, was the basis for the Roman Polanski film The Ghost Writer.

He is also the author of a trilogy of political thrillers (Imperium and Conspirata are the first two titles) set in this ancient city.

January 2010

Bob Morris writes a series of mysteries featuring this former Dolphins football player.

What is this character's current profession?

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