Mystery Trivia Questions for 2008

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December 2008

Michael Pearce is the author of a long-running series set in early 20th century Cairo featuring the Mamur Zapt. Who is the Mamur Zapt? (Bonus: What is the Mamur Zapt?)

He is also the author of another series set in the same time period featuring an agent of the Scotland Yard Foreign Office. Who is it?

November 2008

He is the author of a bestselling mystery series featuring quadriplegic former NYPD forensics detective Lincoln Rhyme. Who is it?

Who is the actor who played Lincoln Rhyme in the movie adaption of the first book of the series, Bone Collector?

October 2008

This author introduced reporter turned PI Ray Dudgeon in the award-winning novel Big City, Bad Blood.

In what "big city" is the series set?

September 2008

Carole Nelson Douglas writes a mystery series featuring Temple Barr and a black cat. What is the cat's name?

Douglas is also the author of a series featuring a Sherlockian character. Who is she?

August 2008

After a 14 year absense, this month Vicky Bliss returns for one last adventure in Laughter of Dead Kings. Who is author of this series?

What is Vicky Bliss' profession?

July 2008

What is Gabriel Allon, a sometime agent for Israeli intelligence in Daniel Silva's novels, by profession?

Before writing the Gabriel Allon thrillers, Silva wrote two books featuring a CIA agent. What was his name?

June 2008

Marshal Guarnaccia, of the Magdalen Nabb mystery series, is a member of the Italian Carabinieri based in which Italian city?

What is the Marshal's first name?

May 2008

In which European city are Donna Leon's mysteries featuring Commissario Guido Brunetti set?

The books in this series have been translated into over 20 different languages except, somewhat ironically, this one. Which is it?

April 2008

Orania Papazoglou introduced this romance author turned true crime writer in the book Sweet, Savage Death. What is the series character's name?

What is the pseudonym by which Orania Papazoglou writes the Gregor Demarkian mysteries?

March 2008

Other than the word Alpine, what is the common theme in the titles of Mary Daheim's Emma Lord mysteries?

In which state is Alpine, the fictional town of the series, located?

February 2008

M. C. Beaton is the pseudonym of the author of two long-running mystery series. What is her real name? (Hint: The M. C. name is an acceptable answer, though true mystery fans will know her full name.)

What are the names of the principal characters in her two mystery series?

January 2008

Stuart Woods' first novel won an Edgar Award in 1982 and was made into a 6-hour television miniseries in 1983. What is its title?

What is the name of the central character in this book who went on to become President of the United States later in the series?

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