Mystery Trivia Questions for 2005

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December 2005

Margaret Maron has won multiple awards for her Deborah Knott mystery series. What is Deborah Knott's profession?

Margaret Maron's earlier books feature a different series character. What is her name?

November 2005

Annie Darling is proprietor of a mystery bookshop in a series by Carolyn Hart. What is the name of this bookshop?

This bookshop is located on fictional Broward's Rock, a barrier island off the coast of South Carolina. Broward's Rock is believed to be patterned after what real island?

October 2005

Aaron Elkins has written two mystery series involving detectives who are professionals in other fields, Gideon Oliver and Chris Norgren. What are their respective professions?

Aaron Elkins and his wife Charlotte have collaborated on several mysteries with a female golfer as the principal character. What is this character's name?

September 2005

Virginia Rich featured a widowed chef in three mysteries published in the early 80's. What was her name?

Virginia Rich died before completing the fourth mystery in this series. What author finished her book and continues to write the series to this day?

August 2005

Philip R. Craig, author of the Jeff Jackson mysteries set on Martha's Vineyard, co-wrote a mystery published in 2002 with another popular author of detective fiction. Who was the co-author, and what was the title of the book?

In addition to being a writer, Philip Craig is also an accomplished chef. What fish is featured in his signature recipes?

July 2005

Nevada Barr's mysteries with Anna Pigeon are set in national parks. Which park is featured in the first of the series (Track of the Cat)?

Anna Pigeon frequently phones her sister for advice. What is her sister's name, and what is her profession?

June 2005

James Lee Burke's first Robicheaux mystery, The Neon Rain, was published 1987. What was his first book?

Two of Burke's books have been made into movies. One was Heaven's Prisoners. What was the other?

May 2005

Name the author who features San Francisco-based John Marshall Tanner, a non-practicing attorney and private eye in his mysteries.

Why is Tanner a non-practicing attorney?

April 2005

Martha Grimes' third Richard Jury mystery is titled The Anodyne Necklace. What is "The Anodyne Necklace"?

What does "anodyne" mean?

March 2005

In what mystery by Elizabeth Peters did Amelia Peabody make her first appearance?

Ramses, Amelia Peabody's son, is introduced later in the series. What is his given name?

February 2005

What is the origin of the title of Robert B. Parker's Spenser mystery A Catskill Eagle?

Most Spenser mysteries take place in and around Boston. In what city does the action take place in A Catskill Eagle?

January 2005

What mystery won the first Dilys Award (given by the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association) in 1993?

For whom was the Dilys Award named?

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