Mystery Trivia Answers for 2012

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December 2012

Chris Cavender writes a series of mysteries centered around a pizzeria. Who is the series character? Bonus questions: What is the name of the pizzeria, and where is it located?

Eleanor Swift owns A Slice of Life, located in a small town in North Carolina.

Chris Cavender is a pen name used by this prolific mystery author. Bonus question: Name at least two of the author's other pen names.

Tim Myers writes myteries under his own name, plus Melissa Glazer ("Carolyn Emerson, Clay and Crime Mysteries", Casey Mayes ("Savannah Shore, Mystery by the Numbers"), Elizabeth Bright ("Card-Making Mysteries") and Eleanor Swift.

November 2012

This author's debut thriller, Absolute Power, was adapted into a film of the same title starring Clint Eastwood (who also directed) and Gene Hackman. Who is he?

David Baldacci.

In addition to his stand-alone novels, he writes two series. Name either (or both!).

A PI series featuring Sean King and Michelle Maxwell; and "The Camel Club" thrillers.

October 2012

JoAnna Carl writes a series of "chocoholic" mysteries featuring this series character. (Bonus Question: name her chocolate shop and the fictional resort town in which it is located.)

Lee McKinney is the business manager for TenHuis Chocolate in Warner Pier, Michigan. The store is owned by her aunt, Nettie TenHuis.

JoAnna Carl is a pen name used by this author.

Eve K. Sandstrom.

September 2012

This author continued writing mysteries in the "Jesse Stone" series following the death of Robert B. Parker.

Michael Brandman.

For many of the later "Jesse Stone" made-for-television movies, he co-wrote and co-executive produced the screenplays with this actor, who played the character.

Tom Selleck.

August 2012

Rita Mae Brown's co-writer of her "Mrs. Murphy" mysteries is running for President in 2012. Who is she?

Her intrepid tiger-striped feline Sneaky Pie Brown.

Brown has also recently written books in two other mystery series. Name them.

The "Mags Rogers" mysteries and the "Sister Jane Foxhunting" mysteries. Rita Mae Brown also wrote three books over a period of 20 years, from 1978 to 1999, featuring the Hunsenmeir sisters, which is also an acceptable answer to this question.

July 2012

The titles of Donna Andrews' "Meg Langslow" mysteries with one exception have something in common. What is it? (The exception arguably isn't one, but it's a bit of a stretch.)

All books but one in this series feature a bird in their title. The only exception is No Nest for the Wicket, though it could be argued that a "nest" is bird-related.

In the mid-2000s, the author wrote three books featuring another series character, the first one of which won the Agatha Award for Best Novel in 2002. What is the character's name? Bonus and probably trick question: What is the character?

Turing Hopper is the artificial intelligence personality of a mainframe computer.

June 2012

John Sandford is a pseudonym used by this Pulitzer Prize-winning author.

John Camp.

He wrote the first two mysteries in this series under his own name. (Hint: The titles are The Fool's Run (1989) and The Empress File (1991). His publisher asked him to use a different name for his then new "Lucas Davenport" mystery series, which was started about the same time.)

Kidd and LuEllen. In 2000, when the third mystery in this series was published, the author was using "John Sandford" for all his books.

May 2012

He took over writing the "Spenser" mysteries following the death of Robert B. Parker, with the 40th book in the series. (Bonus question: Name the book title.)

Ace Atkins. Lullaby was published in May 2012.

He is also the author of two other mystery series, one featuring an ex-NFL player and the other an Army Ranger. Name either (or both) of the series characters.

Nick Travers is an ex-New Orleans Saint. Quinn Colson is an Army Ranger.

April 2012

Cozy mystery author Jane K. Cleland describes her series character as "an antiques appraiser who uses her knowledge of antiques to solve crimes." What is her name?

Josie Prescott.

Where are the mysteries in this series set?

The rugged New Hampshire coast.

March 2012

Kate Ellis writes a popular series of crime novels featuring this Devonshire-based Detective Sergeant (later Detective Inspector).

Wesley Peterson.

She more recently began a new series of murder mysteries set in the ancient city of Eborby in North Yorshire featuring this Detective Inspector.

Joe Plantagenet.

February 2012

Dana Stabenow writes two mystery series set in Alaska. Name her series characters.

Private investigator Kate Shugak and State Trooper Liam Campbell.

She also wrote a trio of science fiction novels in the mid-1990s. Name the character featured in this series.

Ester "Star" Svensdotter.

January 2012

This pair of thriller writers is probably best known for their series featuring FBI Special Agent Aloysius X. L. Pendergast. Who are they?

Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.

The pair recently began a new series feature a master thief. What is this character's name? (Hint: the character's first name appears in both titles to date.)

Gideon Crew.

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