Mystery Trivia Answers for 2009

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December 2009

Loren D. Estleman is the author of a long-running series featuring a private investigator based in a large midwestern city. Name the PI and the city?

Amos Walker. Detroit, Michigan.

Estleman is also the author of several other mystery series. One, introduced in series of short stories, features a UCLA film detective and amateur sleuth. What is his name?


November 2009

Ellen Hart is the author of two amateur sleuth series, both set in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. What are the character names?

Jane Lawless and Sophie Greenway.

Both characters have professions that are related to food. What are they?

Jane Lawless owns a restaurant; Sophie Greenway is a food critic.

October 2009

Laura Childs is the author of several mystery series, one of which features a tea shop. Who is the amateur sleuth owner of the tea shop? What is the name of the Tea Shop? Where is the tea shop located?

Theodosia Browning owns the Indigo Teahouse in Charleston, South Carolina.

Laura Childs is a pseudonym for this former advertising executive.

Gerry Schmitt.

September 2009

Archer Mayor sets his Joe Gunther mysteries in this New England state.


According to the author, the first mystery in the series, Open Season, was to have this title, but Jill McGown's book of the same name appeared just a few months earlier.

The Stalking Horse.

August 2009

Ellen Crosby is the author of the Wine Country mystery series. What is the name of her series character, the vineyard owner?

Lucie Montgomery.

In which state is the series set? (Hint: It is not California.)


July 2009

A. C. Baantjer is the author of this long-running series featuring a police officer in Amsterdam. What is his name? (Bonus questions: What is his full name? What is his original Dutch name?)

Jurriaan De Cock in the original Dutch. English versions of the books use the name DeKok.

This Dutch television series is based on the characters in Baantjer's books.

Baantjer. It is very unusual for a television series to be named after the author rather than one of the characters.

June 2009

John Lescroart writes two series, one featuring a San Francisco attorney and the other a detective. What are their names? (Bonus question: In what book did they both appear?)

Dismas Hardy and Abe Glitsky. They appear together in the 2004 novel The Motive.

Lescroart's earliest books feature this secret agent and reputed son of Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler.

Auguste Lupa.

May 2009

She is the author of the Dead End Job mystery series and the Mystery Shopper mysteries. Who is she?

Elaine Viets.

Name either the character who takes on dead end jobs or the character who is the mystery shopper in these series.

Helen Hawthorn, on the run from her ex-husband, is employed in a series of dead end jobs. Josie Marcus is a mystery shopper.

April 2009

Leslie Meier writes a series of event-themed mysteries featuring a newspaper reporter. What is the reporter's name?

Lucy Stone.

In what fictional coastal Maine town are these mysteries located?

Tinker's Cove.

March 2009

This author co-wrote a number of thrillers with James Patterson, including 2nd Chance and 3rd Degree. What is his name?

Andrew Gross.

Under his own name, he publishes a series of mysteries featuring this Connecticut police detective.

Ty Hauck.

February 2009

What actor plays Jesse Stone in the made-for-television adaptations of the series by Robert B. Parker?

Tom Selleck.

Jesse Stone is the sheriff of what (fictional) coastal Massachusetts town?

Paradise (MA).

January 2009

This author writes the Savannah Reid mysteries under the pen name G. A. McKevett. What is her real name?

Sonja Massie.

What is the name of Savannah Reid's private investigation agency?

Moonlight Magnolia.

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